Single-ended relay board for existing LPFs 

Gordon has been testing out his mult-relay single ended board.  The concept here is that the existing LPFs and relays are reconfigured on the µBITx main board and the ends of the LPFs are connected to a new daughter board attached behind the LPFs and relays to provide for greater RF separation between LPFs.

And this photo shows the cuts made to the top of the board:

And showing the connections to the add-in board

And a different view showing the wiring to the main board:

And the relay power on connections:

The results seem promising.

A separate board with all LPFs mounted on the external board  (e.g. this one) would not be much larger overall and would require fewer connections to the main board.

A document with all the explanations of how to create this modification, including photos of traces to cut can be found here.