Fix: Software

The stock uBITx software (download here), while generally fine, has some minor bugs that are frustrating to some operators:

  • You are unable to change the CW offset from the default value;
  • Tuning below 1 MHz results in a display error;
  • Nothing stops the frequency from going below zero, and when it does it generates an overflow error; and
  • CW timing issues occur after the paddle has been in use for a while.

The variability of resistance values used for the CW keying circuit (either as a result of dirty key contacts, or as a result of environmental factors such as a hot day) means that a “dah” and “straight key down” may not always be distinguished correctly in software.  This is because the dividing line between a “dah” and a “straight key” down resistance can be fine.   The net result is that CW is sent incorrectly by the automatic keying algorithm.

No fix from the supplier for these bugs is as yet available.  Based on previous experience with software issued for the BITx40, a fix may not be forthcoming.

However, amateurs have already solved these problems with software fixes.

To manually fix many of the errors in the original source code, check out Ian Lee KD8CEC’s blog article.

The easier route is simply to download his v1.01 sketch to address these bugs, and benefit from a number of software improvements.