KD8CEC Software Version 1 release

Ian Lee Kd8CEC has released his official Version 1.0 release for uBITx transceivers, and almost immediately updated it with a bug fix (v1.01)!

You can download v1.01 from here, and find out all about the features in this first non-Beta release on Ian’s blog.    In summary, this official release will give you bug fixes, improved CW reliability, Split mode, improved RIT, IF shift, 20 programmable memories (10 with 5 character names), status display, default BFO settings and calibration that should work well without mucking around calibrating.  If that isn’t enough, how about CAT control of your uBITx from most PC software (using Hamlib), and a dedicated PC programming tool (uBITx Manager).

Ian has  also installed Mono and modified some of the programs to fit the Linux environment.   This has been tested on Linux (Raspberry Pi) and it worked correctly.  Ian’s blog has details and test videos can be found here:


EDITOR’S NOTE:  This website will shortly feature a comparison of the three initial software upgrades currently available to uBITx owners.   Ian’s is the only one that requires no hardware mods.

If you haven’t considered upgrading your software, then you should.  Two other upgrade paths exist,  and both have distinct features advantages over the stock software, but you will need to warm up the soldering iron with these other choices!   One features significant CW improvements (a must for hard core morse ops) and the other features a colour touch screen mod.   A detailed analysis of each option will come soon on ubitx.net