Kees has been busy sending out boards!

Kees K5BCQs has 403 paid orders for AGC and/or Anti-pop Mini-Kits and 399 of these have been shipped.  He has additional boards and parts and will continue to supply these Mini-Kits as long as there is demand. Details are in the “Files” section of the BITX20 webpage under his call K5BCQ.

Kees was somewhat surprised to be able to process such a quantity over a short period of time. That indicates there are opportunities for others to join in with their ideas. As Kees notes, the uBITX is a great vehicle for modifying and improving.


K5BCQ boards very popular

The list of potential orders for Keys K5BCQ on 3 May is surprisingly high (250+).   Email Keys  K5BCQ(at) (to keep from overloading this “topic”) and he’ll update the spreadsheet to include or amend your order.


VA7AT Audio Pop and ND6T AGC Fixes: PCBs


Would you would like to have fixes in your µBITx for the audio pop and the missing AGC issues?

There are now two proven designs to the audio pop and AGC issues from:

  • VA7AT for the audio pop problem
  • ND6T for an effective AGC

Kees K5BCQ is taking orders now for two small PCBs to make it easier for constructors to complete these fixes.  The PCBs require the use of surface mount components.    They are tiny (about 1″ square) and can easily be mounted in any case.  They will be very cheap and available both in the US and DX.