uBITx and WSTJx

Don KM4UDX lived with  with non-trivial frequency/calibration error until (in his words he, “finally found my boy-bits and went back to reading everything ever written on uBITX calibration (with CEC firmware and memory manager). The result was extraordinary levels of fear and confusion.”

In desperation, he said “foo it” and calculated the error ratio @ 10.00 MHz, multiplied that ratio by the base calibration number to get ~~-5000, then added -5000 in Memory Manager, and hit reboot.

Then he went to wsjtx’s freqcal mode to measure his new error relative to 3.330 (-7Hz) and 10.00 (-18Hz) reference signals.  He was now close enough that he didn’t want to touch anything.

But of course he did… And every time he tried to reduce the error further by tweaking the calibration numbers, everything got worse. So he quickly realised he was as close as a mere mortal could aspire.

But he did run the complete freqcal process in wsjtx.   That process reduced his µBITX freq error to 1hz or less in wsjtx.   Don says , “That wsjtx is wicked. If anyone wants help with uBITX wsjtx freqcal mode, I’m your dude.”

Here are his wsprnet results using the humble v4 µBITX.

Don says,  “That was without any real effort other than stumbling in the dark, and GREAT help from fellow hams and wonderful persons”.

He is now ranked ~155 in 2 way WSPRnet spots after only a few days of auto band hopping.

“NEVER did I expect my little uBITX to get to Australia and Antarctica” says  Don and he adds, “All hale the mighty uBITX.”   We might all agree!


WSJT-x release addresses Linux issues with uBITx

JP Bhatnagar, VU2SPF, has advised the list that the anticipated announcement  of a new version of WSTJ-X has been  made by Joe Taylor of the WSTJ-X development team. This mentions addressing ubitx transceiver connectivity with WSTJ-X.   WSTJ-X  has become very popular with amateur operators, as it implements the exciting new FT8 digital mode.
The full announcement follows:

The WSJT Development Group is pleased to announce a third Release Candidate of WSJT-X Version 1.9.0.  A second release candidate, v1.9.0-rc2, has been tested in the field over the past three weeks, including a public test of FT8 DXpedition Mode conducted on March 6-7.

A General Availability (GA) release of v1.9.0 will be announced at a suitable time, probably in the near future.  After that time you should stop using any -rc# release candidate.

Here’s a short list of features and capabilities added to WSJT-X since Version 1.9.0-rc2:

1. Corrected a number of flaws in Fox behavior, FT8 DXpedition Mode

2. Allow Hounds to use compound callsigns in FT8 DXpedition Mode

3. Write debugging information to FoxQSO.txt

4. Fix the “Blue Decode Button” bug

5. Allow partial processing of incoming UDP Reply messages so that non-CQ/QRZ decodes can be processed. The processing is the same as double-clicking the same decoded message within WSJT-X except that “Enable Tx” will not be enabled.

6. Send DX grid locator to wsjt_status.txt, for use by applications like PstRotatorAZ

7. Correct the display of DXCC status of KG4 calls

8. Updated copy of cty.dat

9. Updates to documentation

10. Updated Hamlib functionality including changes to the Yaesu FT-817  back end that allows the uBITx kit transceiver to be CAT controlled by WSJT-X.

10. Other minor bug fixes