Long distance contacts on the uBITx

EI Frank asks: “So what’s your personal best distance on SSB?”

  • EI Frank – 380 km’s (236 miles) on SSB, with an End Fed half wave wire on 40m with a uBitx
  • iz oos – New Zealand, ssb 3w qrp with the Spanish ILER20. I logged that as an ordinary qso. I was not in the States of course… But in Italy. New Zealand is exactly on the other side of planet earth from my qth. Just let me say that if you hear anything around s9 or more if you use a qrp you can have a qso, of course it will be more difficult during a pile up. So give up FT8 and come back to cw-ssb!
  • Don ND6T – First SSB contact with new uBITX was with JE6EHP on 20m with an end-fed random wire. Nice long chat. Well over 8,000 Km.
  • Joel N6ALT – worked a station in Antartica from his QTH in Oregon USA, a distance of 10,455 miles, on a Bitx17A running 8 watts into a EFHW antenna. He has the QSL card to prove it!
  • Pete VK3YE  –  About 2600km on 80m – with a half-collapsed wire antennahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZcXBVX-tJk
  • Don KM4UDX – so many of you have gone really far. I am but a grasshopper. But it might be fun to get other distance records? I was pleasantly surprised to see this.
  • Doug Wilner – The K1JT modes sure do give you a high action to watt ratio.  I have FT8 QSO’s between USA and ZL on just over 4w which is 13,176.51km (8,235.318 miles). On my raspberry pi WSPR rig I have reports from ZL as well and that is on .1w.
  • Brent Seres – I managed southern Ontario to northern Brazil with my bitx40 on 40cw and end fed wire