Raduino versions

Kees K5BCQ is trying to assemble a list of Raduino alternatives.  Here’s the ubitx.net modified version of his list that is not a mashup of hardware and firmware variations (which is a much longer list!), but simply a list of Raduino hardware options:

1) Original “Raduino” with a Nano Ver ? (base Farahan started with and probably what most uBITX units have today)
2) “RaduinoUMAX” with firmware by Mike Hagen, WA6ISP, (more I/O)
3) “Raduino Protoneer” (Arduino Zero Compatible Nano-ARM, uses SAM21 microcontroller)
4) Raduinoi2c Board from Nik VK4PLN (see https://vk4pln.blogspot.com.au/2018/03/raduinoi2c-board.html)
5) “Raduino Pill” by Joe, W3JDR (uses a STM32F103 “Blue Pill” microcontroller, lots more I/O)
6) “BITeensio”, this is the new one by Jim Shelton, W0EB, more info coming soon.
7) “JackAl” board  by Jack W8TEE, and Al  AC8GY – Teensy 3.6  (`$50).
8) “KB1OIQ” by KB1OIQ has I2C display, supports Keypad and voice output suitable for low/no vision operators. ??$$
9) “Alison TBD” by Alison, KB1GMX, uses the Nano and has no rotary encoder, less or no menu, more buttons. ??$$