Purpose & Disclaimer

The purpose of this website is to bring together in one website all of the documented modifications to the uBitx transceiver.  This saves constructors from trawling through 1000’s of emails and a whole bunch of blogs and websites to identify options for improving their uBitx.

The site owner for this website (Mike Woods ZL1AXG) is not in any way affiliated with the developer (Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE) or the manufacturer (Paradigm E-commerce Pvt. Ltd) of the uBITx or other BITx products.

Mike ZL1AXG is based in Wellington, New Zealand.  He is actively involved in his local Branch 50 of the New Zealand Amateur Radio Transmitters Inc and is interested in Bitx transceivers being used for remote operation, because of his involvement in RemoteDX Inc.

Enquiries about the products should be addressed to the manufacturer (refer to the HF Signals website for details of how to make contact).

Articles on this website represent the personal views and experiences of authors.   Modifications and advice about the uBitx transceiver have mostly been sourced from the BITX20 email list.   The modifications may not work and advice may or may not be accurate!   However, known inaccuracies and faults will be corrected or the modifications will be removed from this site.