uBITx products and services

This page  provides a list of products and services available to purchase for the uBITx with details of the product or service, price, and contact details of the seller.

Products from BITX20 list members

ProductDescriptionPriceSellerContact detailsWebsite
Radi2cinoI2C replacement for the µBITX Raduino card. Use with 1602 or 2004 displayBareboard US$10 shipped (US$15 INTL)
Kit of parts US$30 shipped (US$45 INTL)
Jim Sheldon W0EBw0eb (at) cox dot net
RaduinoUMaxReplacement µBITx Raduino with 16 bit port expander on boardBareboard only US$12 (incl shipping) INTL extra
Built up $US46 (incl shipping) INTL extra
Mike Hagen WA6ISPmotdog (at) verizon dot net
Inkits uBitx CaseMetal case especially designed for the uBITxUS$34.99 + US$20 shipping via India Post
Added US$15 via DHL
Sunil VU3SUAhttps://amateurradiokits.in/ (Intl)
http://inkits.in (India)

Services from BITX20 list members

ServiceDescriptionPriceSellerContact detailsWebsite
Raduino repairRepairs any raduino. Not available for constructors outside the USA. May refuse repair depending on damage.$TBAJim Sheldon W0EBContact via QRZ.com email address.