Speeding up the display refresh on the v6 uBITx

Reed has spent some time speeding up the screen refresh on the v6 µBITx.

The screen speed increases are due to the fabulous work done by Xark: https://github.com/XarkLabs/PDQ_GFX_Libs , so Reed’s contribution is to integrate the Xark enhancements into the µBITx.

He has intentionally kept the UI fairly similar to Ashhar’s original release, however it’s now much faster and easier to change colors, layout, etc.

Check out:  https://github.com/reedbn/ubitxv6/tree/pdq_gfx_update

A v6 Nextion display conversion

Barbaros WB2CBA  has modified his stock µBITx v6  kit to use the Nextion 2.8″ TFT LCD display.   He reports that it is working well!  

For firmware, he used KD8CEC Ian Lee’s CEC Firmware Version 1.2 for Ubitx V5 found here:


As the v6 design is substantially the same as the v5, the software all works fine with settings for the µBITx v5.

The only glitch with assembling the Nextion 2.8″ screen in the standard case supplied with HF Signals kit is a mechanical issue:  the right two spacers/screws can’t be screwed in.  The two left spacers  supplied with the kit are, however, able to hold the display tightly though.   If needs be, additional holes could be drilled to align with the Nextion mounts.

To help his fellow Ubitx V6 owners who want to use a nextion display in their rig, Barbaros has provided a very helpful MS Word guide: