LF homebrew for the uBITx

Olivier has connected his uBitx  to  a homebrew converter (using an NE612) (see schematic attached) and PA0RDT’s mini whip just to see what he could find on the VLF bands.

He  made RX tests on DCF77 on 16.4Khz (Norway) with good results so I think it will be nice on 17.2Khz from Sweden.
Olivier has also provided a link to a short video, “Listening to BBC4 on 198 KHz” from the north of France.

Transverters for 2m and 70cm

Gerry W1VE has 2m and 70cm transverters from Ukraine, which should be a good fit for the µBITx:
These take from 1 – 50mW of drive, so he asks where to find the right tap off point before the final.
The boards cost just US$21.   They put out about 8 watts in theory (less in practice) and they are sufficiently small to fit in the µbitx nicely.  Imagine, a HF/V/U station for around $200.  “Awesome” says Gerry.

Jose CO2JA says “Put an L attenuator on the driver output and turn off the finals. Use a saturated NPN switch driven from the +TX to key the transverter”.

Allison KB1GMX says “The ubitx sans driver and finals will put out roughly the right power for most modern transverters without the problem of too much power. The receiver is a good match as well.”