Extron case

There has been a bit of discussion on the list about Extron cases.  These are aluminium cases that can be found with a search on eBay that come with other componentry that may be useful for a uBITx builder.

Vince Vielhaber KA8CSH found one that was big enough for a Bitx and would be a good fit. The BITx40 fits quite comfortably in it (after moving the power supply), but the only way the uBITx will fit is if the raduino is detached.  As you can see in the attached pics, it has plenty of BNCs for other projects and a power supply. Being 12v and 5v, the 7805 on the raduino could potentially be eliminated (provided, of course, the supply puts out over 1 amp).


Nice looking case

Sajeesh VU3PSZ shows off his new uBITx case design alongside his older BITx40.   A nice pair of rigs.   His blog item shows all the details, including a home made jig to achieve the folds in the aluminium.   This is definitely worth a look if you are considering a home-brew aluminium case for your uBITx.


A nice looking aluminium enclosure


And another aluminium case suggested by wishbone_aaa:


Jim Sheldon, W0EB says:

“I’ve got one on backorder for my third uBITX. The uBITX should ship pretty soon, so I hope the case backorder doesn’t take too long.  I’ve used the smaller versions of this case on other projects and it’s really nice to work with, but the aluminum front and back panels are really soft aluminium. Be careful drilling holes and cutting out the LCD window.”