Labelling the front panel (updated)

Making nice labels for the front panel of the µBITx may not be all that intuitive.  Many of us use a label writer (e.g. Brother or Dymo device).  The best options (depending on your front panel colour) may be to use “black on transparent” or “white on transparent” tapes.

Vic WA4THR was looking for a way to easily label the front panel of his  BitX40 and was pointed to the use of an Avery product. It is a transparent plastic with an adhesive backing and you can print using either an inkjet or a laser printer. You then just cut the strips where you designed the label, peel the backing, and place on the panel. Really easy, and the results are pretty good. One sheet can produce a ton of labels, too. The product is Avery 4397.

John WA2FZW uses the same product, but makes one big decal for the entire panel. That way you don’t see the edges of the individual labels. There is a full description of the process used in the documentation for his Magnetic Loop antenna controller.

Dave G4UF has another method that he uses. You don’t have to be as careful with the LCD cutting 🙂

And then Dan, W2DLC told us that he printed his out on with an inkjet printer on regular photo paper and then put some clear tape over it to preserve it with a pretty amazing result:

AA9GG adheres his printout to the case using a sheet of 3M adhesive. Basically, it’s a large sheet of double sided tape.

Daniel W2DLC uses “Loktite” spray adhesive.