BCI mod from ZL1AXG

Mike ZL1AXG (editor of ubitx.net) has taken a different approach to mounting a BCI filter.  The high pass filter design and mounting point are the same as that documented here.  However, the mounting system has been modified to make the filter easily removable. 

Mike has other filters that plug into the QRP-Labs LPF filter board so his filter takes the same dimensions (1.5 x 0.5 inches or 38.1 x 12.7mm) and uses the same mounting system (two four pin male dupont header connectors.) The protruding centre pins of the DuPont connector were cut off, and the outside pins  bent over (in opposite directions) to improve stability of the mount.  The pins were soldered to the empty pads to ground on C216 and C210 on one end (RHS in the photo below)  and to the RX signal rail on the other end (LHS below).  A cut was made to the track mid-way between the dupont connectors (not shown here).

The BCI filter as mounted can be seen below.  It makes a tidy looking unit that can be substituted or bypassed later.