Calibrating your uBITx

Many constructors have had issues calibrating their µBITx.

To begin with, you have to figure out how to get into the expanded “Settings” menu.  Push on the encoder, and select “Settings”.  Wait for the menu to exit automatically.  Then press the encoder again and in turning the dial you should see the additional menu items displayed.

Jacob AG7CT has documented the steps he takes to calibrate his µBITx:

  1. Tune to WWV on the dial
  2. Enter menu
  3. Turn setup on
  4. Reenter menu turn to and select calibrate
  5. Zerobeat the WWV carrier. (May be difficult if BFO is too far off.)
  6. Click PTT.
  7. Click encoder, select set BFO.
  8. Zero the sideband off WWV.
  9. Click PTT to set.
  10. Click encoder, turn setup off.
  11. Wait more than 10 seconds to ensure setting are saved before removing power.

2 Replies to “Calibrating your uBITx”

  1. Are there blogs/articles explaining step 5 and 8?

    I’ve never played with a radio other than ubitx, so I don’t know what should I hear when “zerobeating” and “zero the sideband off WWV”.

  2. 1. Tune your dial to 10.000.000 MHz
    Select USB !!
    5. Rotate encoder up and down . The tone frequency will change.Look for the position when you detect zero tone.
    8.I think that “zero the sideband of wwv” means that you set the bfo until the lsb of wwv cannot be heard. Hope that it was helpful .

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