Another nice build: N8GGI’s uBITx

This is a rather nice µBITx build from Dennis N8GGI.

Dennis says, “Finished wiring up the UBITX today and downloaded the KD8CEC firmware. I took my time with the case. Old retired industrial designers still like to design (and build).

“I added a keyer circuit which has a speed pot…I don’t like to run through menus to match someone’s speed. I also added a Hi-per-Mite audio filter which really makes it a nice CW rig.

“First 40 meter CW contact was New Hampshire from my QTH on Lake Erie in north central Ohio.  Second 20 Meter CW QSO was from Portugal getting a 559 report using a tri-bander at 60 feet. I tried 20 meter SSB and worked the gulf coast of Florida with a 5×6 report. It’s a great little radio! Now I still have to tackle the TX pop and try to tame down the sidetone volume issue. I hope the 1,500 watt linear doesn’t get lonesome from lack of use.”

And what lies beneath the paint!   The “see-through” version!  Dennis says, “Kinda looks like the old ‘visible V-8’ from the ’70s.”