Preventing a computer from powering the Raduino

Doug Wilner  finally got around to putting KD8CEC’s outstanding firmware on his V3 µBITX.  When he is not using his rig for other things, he leaves it on rx on WSPR.  He finds using CAT control for band hopping is fantastic.

He did not want power over the USB cable going to the raduino when the rig is otherwise switched off, so he stripped back the insulation on the USB cable, parted the shielding, and like a B movie bomb tech, he cut the red wire.

With a little heat shrink on the cut ends, some copper foil to repair the shielding, and electrical tape to replace the outer jacket it looks good as new…from 100 yards 🙂

This may not be a revolutionary break through but Doug figured it was worth sharing with µBITX constructors.