Another new uBITx build … from N0KAI

Jeff N0KAI  shows off what he calls his “fun build”.

Mods to his µBITx include the Nextion 4.3″ screen , a 2.5 MHz high-pass filter for BCI,  a Kit Projects AGC board, and fidelity mods to the LM386 amp.

He says that the Uniden CB mic works, but its gain is a bit low, which needs to be fixed. CW, however, works fantastically apparently.

Jeff brought the RF gain control forward to the front panel on a concentric potentiometer with the AF gain control.  He really likes that, but direct soldering shielded cable to the SMT potentiometer pads on the board was a recipe for disaster. Within hours, the ground pad lifted even though he was gentle as hell with it.

Jeff suggests that it would be nice to see a future revision of the Kit Projects AGC board include better solder points or even headers for all the wires, as he tacked header pins to the pads for the switch connections. He notes, however, that the AGC circuit itself works very well.

Jeff concludes by saying “This is gonna be a fun QRP rig for Field Day…”