Long distance uBITx contact at 18,000Km

Ron K0EIA gives a quick love note for the µBitx …  He recently worked Andy VK5MAV/6 with just seven watts on his µBITx.   Ron heard Andy coming through loud and clear, with really excellent receive reception on his radio. Andy is a top notch operator and took my call split in traffic.  He was activating some island off the west coast of Australia (OC-211 according to website search).

He definitely did his part; I have a very quiet listening location; and my antenna is doing most of the work … but still an exciting QSO to log.

7.005MHz CW, uBitx v5, only mods are RTLSDR tap on 45MHz first IF, and N6DT AGC. Ant = fixed two element wire beam at 65ft.