Amateur Radio Kits case construction pics

Joe KD2NFC is building his new µBITx into one of  the cases from   In this case it is for use with the 5″ Nextion screen.

Joe says, “These cases are awesome and really add to the fun and creativity of building the uBitx. I am still waiting for the 5” LCD but here are some images of my progress.”


2 Replies to “Amateur Radio Kits case construction pics”

  1. I recently ordered and received a nice red case for my Bitx 40.

    Now that it is almost half built I discover that the hole for the (standard) display is too small.

    How can this happen?! What do I do other than cobble it up with a file?

    Shep AA7MH

  2. Shep – I suspect that because there are so many suppliers of the 1602 display unit, all with slightly different tolerances, that HF Signals has changed out their supplier for a cheaper or more reliable one, and the unit supplied no longer fits the hole. I think filing may be the only viable option!

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