QRP-Labs bringing out new Txcvr


Hans, G0UPL (www.qrp-labs.com) produces a range of QRP kits, including his well regarded QRP CW rig, the QCX.  He has been working on a new SSB kit (in fact all modes, AM and FM as well as digital modes) that will be released later this year.  The new rig will be modular, 10w output, and initially available as a 40m transceiver only.

A later module will add 10 LPFs that will set it up for use on all HF bands (including 60m).  Expected costs are around US$75 for the 40m only kit (no enclosure) and around US$150 including all bands and enclosure.

The photo above shows the small size of the new kit (seen alongside the QCX).  The photo below shows a glimpse inside.