Nextion Firmware for 3.2″ and 7″ screens

VE1BWV(Joe) and KN4UD (Allen) have  announced the release of Nextion firmware to support larger screen sizes with KD8CEC firmware v 1.094 and up.

The current releases include support for the 3.2 and 3.2E and for the 7 inch Nextion display.

The screens have been redeveloped with new buttons  and enhanced graphics to reflect each of the 2 display sizes.   This work is on going but due to high requests they have decided to release current versions which are fully functional and utilise the full display area.



2 Replies to “Nextion Firmware for 3.2″ and 7″ screens”

  1. Greetings,

    The 7″ firmware is a huge step forward and is working for the most part, however its missing almost all of the settings menus. I really hope you guys keep developing this because its AMAZING! Great work so far, and just a little further to go.

    Some of you might need to get the HMI file and recode the DeviceID as 7 ENHANCED if that is what you have. Then the firmware will work! I’ve tested it and it works, aside from missing a few things.

    Thank you everyone for all the hard work please continue!

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