Homebrew uBITx with through hole components

Peter M0HYT likes to do it the hard way.  He has designed a circuit board layout with the Nano on board and stocked with traditional through hole components.   You will see his new board photographed alongside a uBITx kit main board from HF Signals.  It looks pretty stunning!

Download the design details:



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  1. Is peter having a pcb for sale from his small lot made !!
    I would love to have one to serve a friend. How to order for one

  2. Our club is embarking on building this. We hyave 12 members signed up and we sent the .gbr files off to a company in China and got the boards. Beautifully made and we are about to start.
    For 15 boards the price was about £7.00 GBP with import duty to UK.

  3. Hi Peter,

    I got the answer from the same company about making PCBs for the uBitx including the arduino. I sent the ZIP file and here’s what they ask? Please Help.
    Best regards from YU1KM,Miki (Kostadin).

    Hi Kostadin,

    Good day. This is Vicky, we’re glad to hear from you.

    We checked the Gerber, but the format is not we need. Can you please output in RS-274X format? Thanks.

    Best regards,

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    Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan District
    Shenzhen City 518054, China

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  4. Any progress report on this kit so far. None heard so far. Request M0HYT to publish any video or performance of this board.

  5. Any further news on the project. Seems like its quite out there on any further progress of this club project.

    Waiting to here from the project members about the outcome ?

    Please share any progress report on this TH version with some video’s of it.

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