Breadboard uBITx

Jon Titus  KZ1G  shows off his breadboard construction  technique, which he uses while his rig is under development.  The board is mounted on a piece of plywood and usea 1/8-inch clear plastic as front and rear panels for controls and connectors. This “breadboard” technique has been used by Jon for other projects, because it lets him rearrange control locations, ensure clearances between components, jacks, heatsinks, etc.  In this way he doesn’t ruin a nice front panel when later adding an extra pushbutton or switch, etc.

After learning about the W0EB and N5IB RadI2Cino (Rad I2C ino) project he needed more room for the replacement board and a larger LCD. A section of plywood was glued on the front (see photo) and the front panel  was then able to be moved forward by about 4 cm.   Jon quickly added an extra pushbutton, and drilled holes to mount the LCD.

However, when do you make the call to put the whole thing in a proper metal case Jon?