KD8CEC releases CEC Beta firmware to support Nextion display

Ian Lee KD8CEC has released Beta firmware for the µBITx that supports Nextion colour touch screens .  He has also released matching files for installing firmware in the Nextion displays for 2.4″ and 2.8″ screen sizes.   No programming is required to use these displays.

The photo above shows the touch panel display.  Pressing on the screen will perform functions like changing band (up/down), changing frequency, adjusting the Attentuator (ATT), IF Shift and RIT, and going into Split mode.

See Ian’s webpage for details about downloading the various firmware options along with detailed instructions.

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  1. I am new to Ham radioes and I am working getting my first ham license. I have purchased a uBIT40 and have ordered a Nextion 7″ to install on my uBit. I am having a problem finding the correct files to download on my Mint Linux pc to use to install the Nextion 7″. Any help would be appreciated.


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