DSP on a cheap processor

IK8YFW Giuseppe has used a cheap US$2 processor to create a DSP audio processing unit that works with any radio (including the µBITx).

The project was aimed at achieving an economic and simple DSP unit, based on the ARM Cortex STM32f103 processor module.  Guiseppe implemented two narrow CW filters of about 300 and 700 hz and two SSB filters with a bandwidth of less than 2200 Hz and less than 3300 Hz.  He also included a 6-level noise reduction algorithm. The project is a very cheap solution suitable for embedding in any and every QRP project. The  project code can be found on Github.   It is not perfect, as Guiseppe is still experimenting with the code.  The project can be found here:


Some test here:




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  1. I have purchased all the required parts/modules for this noise reduction kit. I have tried setting it up via the demonstrator software and registration via STL. Everything works until I get the stage where it asks for the location of the hex file. I have looked on GitHub amongst the pre-compiled files, but don’t know which one is correct. Are you able to send me the correct hex file via email as I’m starting to tear my hair out in frustration. If not, please tell exactly what file to look for on the GitHub site. ZL2TVT

  2. My application is to use audio signal processing in my analog audio channel to reduce the noise and provide noise free signal to headphone. I am having the few queries
    1) The STM32F103C8T6 is not having Digital to Analog converter then how it reproduce analog signal after processing.
    2) How can I get the complete software
    3) I want to use only noise reduction algorithms
    Please clarify my queries

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