Version 4.00R latest W0EB/W2CTX I2C firmware release

Jim W0EB and Ron W2CTX have released Version 4.00R.   This is the I2C release firmware for modified hardware on the display.  The W0EB/W2CTX firmware also requires a minor CW keying control mod.

This is a FOUR line display version designed to work with a 4 line by 20 character LCD display that has an I2C “backpack” or, one with the I2C interface built in. As long as you know the I2C address for your display and can properly set that in the .ino source file, it should compile and run on an I2C modified Raduino card as well as on our RadI2Cino card which can be purchased by contacting W0EB (email address on QRZ). Jim Sheldon, W0EB

You can access this file at the URL: