New release of KD8CEC firmware (v1.061)

Ian KD8CEC has released version 1.061  of his KD8CEC Firmware for the µBITx.  This adds the WSPR mode to your µBITx.   If  you use Ian’s uBITX Manager  to put WSPR information into uBITX (using your PC),  the µBITX no longer needs any external device to transmit WSPR.

Ian says, “Beta testers have been very helpful when embedding the WSPR functionality. WSPR mode will continue to improve in the future.

“By using WSPR before or after having a QSO, you can check where your uBITX is getting to around the world.”

Added or improved in version 1.061:

  1. 1.Added WSPR function to uBITX
  2. Update uBITX Manager to Version 1.0
  3. Reduced program size
  4. Fixed IF Shift Bug
  5. Other bugs fixed
  6. CWL, CWU mode are more friendly.  Two options are displayed for shifting frequency.

Please see the link below for details.

You can download a HEX file (no need to use the Arduino IDE to load the firmware) and uBITX Manager from the link above.

You can also download the source code at and see all the changes I’ve made so far.