Hiding a light (well a 20×4 screen) under a bushell!

VK3DAN has a µBITx and as soon as he received it he was busy modding it for a 20×4 (2004) screen. This sort of screen is easily substituted on the Raduino, but to use the extra display space requires modding the firmware.

Dan  has added band readout, his callsign, etc.  It also incorporates the CW sidetone fix, CAT system and various fixes written by Ian Lee KD8CEC. This firmware version won’t work with the 16×2 (1602) screen provided with your uBITX kit.   You will need to have purchased a 2004 type screen to replace your stock display.  You will also need to edit ubitx_ui.ino to change the callsign to your own.

More info at http://www.vk3dan.ninja

Download site:  https://github.com/vk3dan/ubitx-20×4 

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