Biteensio strengthener

Jim Sheldon W0EB, TSW Project Coordinator, has indicated a way to secure the BITeensio to the uBITX main board when it’s plugged in.

He used a 3D printer to come up with a nice set of hold down clamps for the BITeensio.  These  mount using the front corner mounting holes on the main board and hook over the cable clearance notches on either side of the BITeensio. He has updated the TSW website ( with all the details including pictures.

Jim will sell printed brackets, but only in the US, as international shipping would be too costly.   Anybody, however, who has access to a 3D printer can print their own, nas Jim has made the printable .stl file available on the website

So if you have one of Jim’s BITeensio cards installed in your uBITX then it should also be available on “Thingiverse” shortly.

These strengtheners only take about 40 minutes to print and if you use the print resolution and parameters included in the zip file they will be quite strong and easy to install.