Kees K5BCQ 6x LPF board now available for purchase

If you are wanting one of Kees’ K5BCQ 6x LPF boards (too big to fit in the corner where the existing filters are located) then Kees K5BCQ has posted an early LPF order status as “K5BCQ LPF Kit Orders” in the uBITX files section under his call.

A 4x board will also be available shortly which will:

  1. fit in the space cleared on the uBITX board
  2. select 3 of the relay sets with the TxA, TXB, and TxC uBITX drivers for 80/60m, 40/30m, 20/17/(15)m
  3. select the correct relay:  if any one of those 3 drivers is picked it selects the TXD driver which is driven by a 3 input diode dot-OR from the TXA,TXB, TXC inputs.  The TxD driver has the 4th 10/12m filter on  the NC contacts so you don’t have to have 1 LPF relay energized at all times and may not require K3 if it’s the highest band LPF, like on the present uBITX. …..haven’t decided yet).
  4. have an on-board replacement to K3.  This will require disabling audio M1/M2 and the audio pop fix if you have a v3 board.

Both the 6x filter and 4x filter boards are set up to accept the QRP Labs footprint plug-in LPF and BPF filters (1.5″ x 0.5″). This is to allow users to use those LPFs or design their own. The QRP Labs LPFs will handle 10W, the QRP Labs BPFs won’t according to Hans Summers. A blank” LPF board is also used to accept the existing LPFs transplanted from the µBITx board.

ALL the LPF components need  to be moved over from the µBITX board.  The toroids and capacitors are placed in the same locations on the blank LPF boards. The relays can also be brought over on the 6x filter board because it’s larger. 

The 4x LPF board has been designed to fit in the existing µBITX location and uses smaller relays (Omron G6H-2F type relays).