New board from Nick VK4PLN coming: VK3YE AGC design

Nick VK4PLN already has a collection of boards available (at or near cost) for the µBITx.   He is currently working on a new board design for the VK3YE AGC.

The first draft of the board layout can be seen below – laid out for through hole components:


2 Replies to “New board from Nick VK4PLN coming: VK3YE AGC design”

  1. Good morning from Canada!

    My name is Albert Dunk VE3TYS, I would like to order some of your boards, Aduinol2c, Audio Breakout, LPF, HPF (BC), uBITX AM BCI Filter, CW Audio Filter and the New AGC Board when it comes out.
    Can I pay with PayPal?
    Best regards,

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