Coated up

Liviu YO5QCD has completed his µBITx and it looks very attractive!
It was completed a month ago with the goal of having a portable/mobile HF field day/emergency station setup.
He has since built an AGC add-on. Liviu believes this is a big “must”. He home-brewed it using the ND6T schematic.
For field work he has built a minimalist L-match for use with a random wire at just a few meters above ground.   He is building an SWR-meter, but this is not yet finished.
He is now running CEC software  and wants to complete the SWR-meter, add a 20×4 LCD, incorporate an audio CW filter and a speech processor.
In the first month of testing at the home QTH (using an OCFD antenna that works on  80-10m) Liviu has:
  • worked all YO districts on 80m, with a consistent 57 received (max. distance covered about 500km)
  • worked on 40m and 20m: ER, UA, I, DE, ON, SV, 7X with an (overall) RS of 44 to 58 (about 1800-2000km)
He has his hopes up after several hours in field testing and a contact made 180km away on a random wire about 15m long and with no matching unit.
Liviu says ” I’m really delighted with this little gem!”