JJ1EPE has had a uBITx article published in Japanese CQ Magazine

Akira Horie JJ1EPE  has had an article published about the µBITx in the 19 June edition of the CQ ham radio magazine of Japan.   

The magazine is of course in Japanese.     Akira’s article covers:

  • A helpful  website (www.uBitx.net) 
  • Helpful firmware, particularly Ian KD8CEC’s firmware
  • Instructions on how to upload the firmware to the µBitx.
  • How to obtain certification of the µBitx from the relevant Japanese authority.

Gaining certification for a home-built rig is not straight forward in Japan and involves:

  1. Ensuing the µbitx cannot transmit outside of the ham bands approved for use by Japanese amateur operators
  2. Suppression of spurious harmonics to meet Japan regulations, for instance by using an external LPF and/or tuner.

Akira has the all important certification and  license to use his µBitx from the relevant Japanese government authority.

He is now enjoying QSOs on his µBitx!