K5BCQ boards very popular

The list of potential orders for Keys K5BCQ on 3 May is surprisingly high (250+).   Email Keys  K5BCQ(at)ARRL.net (to keep from overloading this “topic”) and he’ll update the spreadsheet to include or amend your order.


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  1. I just bought a uBITX and am very excited at building it. I am trying to research all I can before I build it . Altho I’ve been a HAM a few years I’m VERY NEW at kits and DIY projects.So use small words so I can fallow you . I’m interested in what I can do while building that will bring a better operating experiance , and a feeling of accomplishment . I’m looking at AGC , and mic gain .I am interested in any and all suggestions you might have . My soldering skills are getting better but a long way from good . I tell people that I became a HAM because “I’m tired of being stupid”.any and all advise would be very much Appreciated .

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