W0EB build

Jim Sheldon W0EB says, “Finally I have this one where it will get it’s top cover put on and the radio goes into the ‘go box’.

“With the addition of one of our RadI2Cino cards, an I2C 4 line by 20 character display, a Teensy 3.6 adapted to plug in place of the NANO, this one is on the air in what will be it’s final configuration except for software updates when we release them. (External USB connector in place so the cover need not be removed for remote control or Teensy 3.6 programming. One nice thing about using the Teensy is the built-in Real Time Clock! UTC time displayed on the screen and with a backup coin cell battery, the clock stays active even when no +12V is applied to the radio.Also, I added Don, ND6T’s neat little AGC mod and boy does that work nicely.”

Here are a few pix of Jim’s radio as it now stands.

The panel showing the real time clock & voltage monitor on the screen — that V308b is a beta version of software and even though it was compiled on 04/01, it isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke.     This radio has a Teensy 3.6 processor, not the NANO.  RadI2Cino is available for sale in kit form, but the Teensy adapter is still prototype (and may never be offered) and without the Teensy you won’t see all the info on that display.

V is on/off for the input voltage (+12 rail) monitor, R is either N or R and indicates paddle interface normal (Tip=dot) or reverse (Tip=dash) and B indicates Iambic Keyer, mode B (A or B is selectable. T800 = CW side tone frequency – adjustable from 400Hz to 1KHz and S25 = built in Iambic keyer speed adjustable from 5 to 50 WPM. FUN=Function (same as encoder switch) the other one is the A/B VFO select and a hold gives you “Split”.

And inside … The filter on standoffs is a broadcast band interference filter. Jim has a 500 watt AM station less than a mile from the house and also KFDI’s AM station (10KW) 3.5 miles from the house. This filter is very necessary to keep them out or no ham signals could be heard.

And a close up of the interface to the 2004 display: