uBITx is a performer from Day 1

Dave K0MBT says “I wasn’t really trying but this is still only the 4th day that I have had my µBITx.

“Using phone I was able to work stations from coast to coast of the United states. I did it on the 80 meter band using a homemade trap 80/40 dipole. My radio put out about 25 watts PEP. My power source is a 10 amp linear 13.8v Tripp-Lite. I am using the stock electret microphone.

“I logged stations in Maryland, Florida, New York, Montana, Utah, California and states in between. Most gave me signal reports of 5/4 to 5/9.  I got a couple of 4s and a 3/3 I got a 2/1 when working a Missouri station, but then I am located in Missouri. The longest contact was 1500 miles in Northern California.

“Have also done some CQ ing on 7277. I did find two Hams with bitx radios: One that had his radio out of the box but had not put it together. The other was N3GO Gary in Raleigh NC. He has a BITx40 that was modified. I talked to him on both my µbitx and my Bitx40. He said that there was not much difference in signal. I definitely hear better on the µBITx.”