Shock-proofing your uBITx

John VK2ETA asks what he should do to protect his µBITx from the rigours of daily use when taken portable.

1. Are they other components you should be concerned about?

2. What method is recommended: hot melt glue, epoxy glue, superglue or other method?

3. What about cables

4. Any other actions that should be taken?

The recommendations from IO Group members seem to be:

  • Hot glue is your best bet. Poor man’s potting to the rescue. It holds very well and removes easy enough for repairs and upgrades. (Doug Wilner)
  • Make sure your cable bundles aren’t so tight that they are putting stress on the outer cables in the connectors as they bend into the bundle. Hot glue the connectors in place and wires coming out for strain relief. (Doug Wilner)
  • To mitigate shock and vibration getting to the PCB consider something like LORD Micro-Mounts and see the distributor page.  (Arvo KD9HLC)
  • Scotch weld (Andrew W6AVC)