16×2 Display Dimensions

Jim Reagan asks, “Can anyone give me the manufacturer of the LCD display?  Or the exact size?”

Jerry, KE7ER responding noting that “Adafruit says they nominally measure 24x69mm,  mine measures 24x71mm  https://www.adafruit.com/product/181″

“The 16×2 LCD (or 1602) is a generic display and there are clones of clones of clones for this display.  Who built it first has long since been lost to the mists of time, as has pretty much everything from the 1980’s.   But hobbyists have taken to it because it’s cheap, and speaks via 5v logic just like the equally ancient tech of their Arduino boards.  So they still get cranked out, by manufacturers too embarrassed to put a name on them.  The going price on eBay is down around $1.60.”

The LCD that comes with many uBitx is the  JHD 162:    https://www.sunrom.com/get/526000

The dimensions shown on page 16 are 24.1 x 72.2 mm.

Those pre-preparing a front panel while awaiting the arrival of their µBITx are advised to make a hole smaller than these dimensions, just in case the dimensions don’t match.   There is quite a bit of variation in 1602 display dimensions.


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