Additional PCBs for Sunil’s Case

Sunil VU3SUA  is providing extra PCBs with his uBitx case.

See to purchase the case and PCBs.

1. Encoder PCB
This pcb will save you from the clutter of wiring up the encoder.

2. USB.D9. PCB
Use this board if you wish to. if you do not want to use this board then cut a small plexi glass sheet and close the open area.

3.Power Connector PCB
The DC Power supply connections are easy to install with a board to assist. The On/Off switch, Fuse, IN4007 diode and power connector are mounted on a small board again removing wiring clutter.

Care has to be taken in mounting the On/Off switch, as excessive use of soldering heat or bending of the pins on the switch may damage it.

Sunil says that he will be making further improvements in the µBITx products to make it easier to wire in kit components into the case.