Updates made to HF Signals website

Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE, designer of the µBITx, has posted to the BITX20 IO Group to say that there have been changes made to the wire up diagram to fix the errors.  This is good news as there will be fewer mistakes made by constructors meaning more happy customers!

While many will have moved on to one or other of the other firmware versions available for the µBITx, those wanting updated factory firmware will be pleased to know that a bug fix release will be coming soon.   uBITx.net will let you know when this happens.

A further comment from Ashhar suggests that he may use the PTT line as one of the keying lines (for the straight key).   This will mean a change to the wire up in line with the approach taken by the W0EB software team.


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  1. I have a ubitx i get sound in cw mode but not lsb or usb all get is high pitch squeel all help neede thanks

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