uBITx gets WSPR in Firmware

Ian Lee, KD8CEC,  has released a new (Beta) version of his µBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.04.   This version adds the WSPR TX mode.  It still needs wider testing before a release version is posted.  Ian is looking for beta testers who have a µBITX, can install his firmware and his PC Software – uBITx Manager that allows for easy configuration of firmware settings, and know how to use WSPR.

The WSPR function has been squeezed into the small programming space of the µBITX (32Mb) including the station callsign, location(2alpha, 2 number), dB and frequency information to be used for transmission.

As a field portable unit, you only need to bring the µBITX and antenna  to transmit WSPR as all information is already contained in the rig (no computer is required).  You do not need to make any modifications to your uBITX to use WSPR.

For more information, visit Ian’s website at:    http://www.hamskey.com