Ashar talks about the BITx world

There is a long segment interviewing Ashhar Farhan, inventor of the uBITx (and in fact the whole BITx series of radios). He talks about the release of the v5 board, future plans, etc. Ashhar notes that around 20,000 boards have been manufactured to date!  He is also planning to bring out an antenna analyzer kit with a number of additional features.

Reference has been out of action

Regular visitors will have observed that has been out of action. The gap started with a vacation, and a quiet spell over Christmas and New Year. However, Mike ZL1AXG has had some health issues. Posting will commence again now, but it will take a while to catch up!

Note that older list posts will appear as back-dated items in December, January and February so as to appear in the correct sequence on this website.  That means you may have to look back a few pages to find some real gold.  This BITX20 list signal to noise ratio has been falling since a peak in around March 2018.  More and more constructors are discovering the joys of the µBITx, but new ideas are harder to uncover amongst all of the postings!


Kit Projects AGC board

David N8DAH has AGC boards for the µBITx available to order.

If you have any questions please e-mail either David N8DAH or Tim, KE2GKB at: info at kit-projects dot com.

The cost of the kit is US$15.  Pretty much all international shipping is US$ 14 or US$15 with the exception of Canada which is US$10.50.

Order and information on the kit can be found here: