Important  Information provides help for constructors:  Preventing catastrophes and providing guides, fixes and modifications for your µBITx.

CAUTION : If you power up the µBITX without the pull-up resistor the µBITX can randomly go into CW transmit.   Have you installed the 4.7k pullup to 5v on the CW key pin?   There are known issues with some TDA2822 chips (U1). If your µBITx has a WX branded chip, read this news item. If your rig has a TDA2822 in a socket you are not affected by this issue.

SHIPPING:  µBitx orders have been shipping within one or two working days of being ordered. You should receive a shipping notification through PayPal once your product has been shipped. Estimated delivery times to different countries:

EU:         IndiaPost: 2-5 days  DHL: 2-5 days
US:         IndiaPost: 10 days     DHL: 2-5 days
Asia:      IndiaPost: 2-4 days   DHL: 2-4 days
AU/NZ: IndiaPost:10 days      DHL: 5-7 days

BITX QSO DAY:   Every Sunday – 3PM & 7PM Local Time – 7277 kHz in North America, 7177 kHz elsewhere.

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