uBITx manager Master Calibration settings

Nigel G4ZAL asked what people saw in KD8CEC’s UBITx Manager for their calibrations.

Nikos, SV1IYF,  sent Nigel his settings, and they may be useful for others who want to recalibrate roughly to get going:

  • Master Calibration 143000 => Accuracy within 3Hz @10MHz, as delivered was ~75Hz off
  • USB Calibration 11996200 => Places the audio BW @ 430-2450Hz @-6dB
    I ended up with said figure for USB as I only work FT8 and also the farther the crystal filter’s pass-band is shifted from zero the better the carrier suppression and the LSB sideband (which are nothing to boast about).
  • LSB Calibration:  Not changed.