A complete top board for µBitx

Martin Held AE7EU has been very busy designing a top tier board for the µBitx main board.

The board interfaces via the standard connectors to the main board of the uBitx.  Martin’s top board adds essential features, such as speech compression, an integrated Teensy 3.2 processor, an attenuator and an auto antenna tuner.   The front panel break-off from the board simplifies construction and makes the form factor as small as possible.

We look forward to seeing Martin’s report on how the board performs in practice.  It is likely we will see a few changes to the board before it becomes available to purchase!

In a post to the BITX20 list Martin identified four options for release:

1) Release the board files, schematic, design files/gerbers, BoM and let someone in China clone it, walk away.
2) Same as #1, but just sell bare PCB’s.
3) Sell PCB’s with all SMT components installed, and a baggie of TH parts, toroids, and couple feet of magnet wire.
4) Sell the entire thing fully assembled ($$$).

It is likely that either options 2) and 3) will be favoured by the amateur community, based on initial feedback to Martin.

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  1. Dear Sir

    My callsign is TA0T .You can check “www.qrz.com” for information .
    I would like to buy 3 pcs of “A complete top board for µBitx”.
    I need 2 pcs empty and 1 pcs completed and tested.
    I am going to use them with the “7 inc NEXTION TFT LCD ” .
    I am living in TURKEY (Türkiye) .İs is possible to you to make delivery to Türkiye?
    I could not place the order and make the payments because we can not use PAYPAL in our country .
    Pls inform me about the payment and delivery terms.I can make you payment via bank transfer or can make the payment via credit card (mastercard).
    Thanks in advance for your supports.

  2. Husehin

    The “complete top board” was never commercialised as far as I am aware. ubitx.net is an information only website, and is not affiliated with any vendors.

    Mike ZL1AXG ubitx.net

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